• NSI TAFE Open Day

    As part of the endeavour mobility grant which we received to go to America for Defcon 24 we made a presentation at the NSI TAFE Open Day where we talked about what we had learnt on the trip and cyber security in general. We also had a ran a Bachelor of Technology Network Security stall explaining the course to predominantly HSC year students and some industry professionals looking to expand their knowledge in network security.   I enjoyed talking to high school students that were excited to get into the IT security industry that is desperately looking for employees.    

  • Benefits of WSNs in Aged Care

    Executive Summary According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics the population of people over the age of 65 is set to jump from 14% of the population in 2012 to between 22.4% and 24.5% of the population in 2061. This has significate implications to the Australian economy and health services. Aged care will need to become much more efficient to cope with the massive increase in demand. One way to help reduce the strain on aged care facilities is to use technology to help care for the elderly, enabling nurses to care for more residents. This report looks into the applications and benefits of using wearable electronics that monitor the wear’s vital signs to create a wireless sensor network where the node is an elderly person, creating a network that requires minimum infrastructure and is resilient to down time. The benefits of wearable electronics that monitor elderly people are the reduced supervision by nurses allowing them to more effectively care…